Nie in Mallorca

NIE in Mallorca


Do you want to move soon to Mallorca, but are you a foreigner? You will have to apply for the NIE in Mallorca. It will be very useful for many things, don’t stop reading!

NIE in Mallorca

What is the NIE?

It’s a code for the tax identification of foreigners in Spain. This basically means that it’s a taxpayer number that the government assigns to all foreign citizens to make any kind of economic transaction in Spain (from buying a car, a house and even working).

Is it important?

Yes, it is. And you should try to get it out as soon as possible if you really want to live in Spain for a season or permanently.

Without this fiscal number, no foreigner can work or make any financial transaction in Spain legally.

Where do I get my NIE?

To apply for your NIE in Mallorca, you must go to the Immigration Office located in the “Polígono de Levante” in the capital, Palma.

And the best thing is that times have changed and the process has improved considerably, so you won’t even have to get up early to get a good spot in the line to ensure that you will be attended.

Now, instead of waiting a couple hours in line, you ask for your appointment online, they will give you a day and an hour to go and apply for your NIE. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

What do I need?

Well the main thing is to book your appointment online to apply for your NIE. You must also bring an original and a copy of your passport or an identification card that contains your personal information and nationality.

Another thing that we recommend is that you have at least a minimum of Spanish language knowledge to go to the agreed appointment or at least bring a friend who mastered the language and speaks for you; this will make the process easier for everyone.

Don’t forget to get your NIE if you plan to move to Mallorca soon, it’s quick, fast and necessary!

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