paint your house before selling

Why is it important to paint your house before selling?


Are you thinking of seling your home? Do you want to sell it faster? Keep on reading to find out why is it important to paint your house before selling.

Making reforms prior to the sale of a property is not a mandatory requirement if the real state of the property is revealed to buyers.

However, real estate market experts recommend making small reforms in the design or image of the property. This way, you can achieve a greater visual appeal that can convince the buyer more easily.

Buyer’s perception

Among the small reforms that you can do, the painting a property is a factor of utmost importance. It directly influences the buyer’s perception of the property. Plus, adding new coats of paint can help conceal stains on recently repaired walls or cracks, visually renewing the space.

In this way, it is possible to convey to buyers a structural conservation idea that will have a positive impact on the closing of the purchase.

Perception of the Space

Likewise, the proper use of colors can influence the perception of the space. How so? Transmitting ideas to the buyer that can be positive or negative depending on the area of the property and the way they are used.

For example, promoting a property with blue rooms can convey a serene, masculine atmosphere that will not appeal to a family with young girls.

To avoid this problem, the ideal is to resort to neutral colors such as white, gray or cream. These colors provide sensations of amplitude, tranquility and allow a variety of decorative combinations.

By using them, the property will be depersonalized, allowing buyers to become familiar and involved with it.


It is also important to pay attention to the state of the walls in the exterior facade of the house.

First impression of the visitors depends on this one. Beware that once ruined it will be very difficult to amend it, even if the interior of the building is in optimal conditions.

Undoubtedly, the perspective that one has of a property can vary drastically in function to small visual details that exert positive effects directly in the thought of the buyers.

Therefore, to ensure a successful closing sale, it is very important to paint your house before selling.

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