Palma Aquarium

Palma aquarium


Do you want to know a little more about all these great places that you can visit in Mallorca? Don’t miss this post about the amazing Palma Aquarium, a place you should definitely visit if you go to Mallorca.

This marine park was founded in 2007 by the company Coral World International and was designed to faithfully recreate ocean and sea ecosystems of every species found there, which are more than 8,000 specimens of around 700 different species of fauna and Flora of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


It’s located in the island of Mallorca, just 50 meters from the sea; it contains 55 aquariums so you can observe all species closely. Also in this aquarium the philosophy of the understanding, admiration and preservation of the marine world is really important.

It is ideal for the whole family, especially for children. In fact, every year thousands of children from the Balearic Islands participate in school visits where for a minimum of 3 hours, students along with their teachers enjoy all the activities selected with the purpose of learning to respect and love the marine world.

In addition the park is divided into different sections. Within its 900 meter-long you can find spectacular areas dedicated to specific ecosystems, from tropical seas, Mediterranean seas, Pacific Ocean and even jungles. Not to mention the gift shops, a kindergarten for the little ones of the house and the most fabulous restaurants.

Palma Aquarium

And there is so much more, you can swim with sharks, go diving, take a guided tour within all the facilities, and even rent parts of the park to organize special events like birthdays or professional meetings that will leave your guests amazed.

So if you are thinking of visiting Mallorca or moving to this great island, don’t forget all the activities filled with adventure you can find at the Palma Aquarium.

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