Palma College

Palma College


Do you want your children to go to a good school in Mallorca? Don’t worry, Palma College is right here for you!

Palma College in Mallorca

Palma College is a private school, located near the Cathedral of Palma in Mallorca. It offers internationally recognized degrees for admission to universities around the world and an education based on the Sixth Form, where students prepare for their level A (or equivalent) examinations.


The language used to teach are English and Spanish, and the highly qualified international staff has extensive experience teaching students of this age, which are usually between 16 and 18 years of age.

Sports opportunities and a healthy lifestyle

Believe it or not, studying in the beautiful island of Mallorca is quite an opportunity for your children. Here you cannot only enjoy a beautiful and peaceful landscape but also a wide variety of sports opportunities and a healthy lifestyle.

All of this it’s pretty common for people who work and live in Mallorca, which gives them an impressive life quality.

Palma College is much more than a traditional private school, as it focused on young people with dedication and care through the academic and professional paths that gave them a secure future and preparation for adult life, without leaving unattended the typical needs of the average age of the students.

How to Apply

To apply for Palma College there are a series of requirements that consist of: a personal interview with the Chief; pass an IGCSE in English and mathematics; and a couple of additional information commonly required in any other school.

Despite having special requirements, Palma Colleges prides itself on being an inclusive institution with its students; providinge opportunities for any type of person; getting to an agreement with their parents until a solution is reached.

Don’t worry about the education of your children, Palma College has it covered.

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