Tour in Palma

Tour in Palma, Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? You can’t miss everything you’ll find in the capital of this beautiful island through the tour in Palma.

Tour in Palma 2018

Maybe many don’t know that there is a tour available that goes through the city of Palma and you can discover all the places of interest, the best shops, their nature and much, much more.

From Monday to Saturday

You can attend this excursion from Monday to Saturday; It has an average price of 10 euros for adults and is free for children under 12 years old.

History & Culture

The city of Palma has been characterized for having deeply adopted all those different cultures that have been established on the island throughout history; each of these has left a mark in the city.

Palaces, squares, courtyards, gardens, streets; everything constitutes a monumental wealth very attractive for anyone who knows Palma, as well as representing very well each culture that over time has created the Mallorcan culture.

This excursion route passes through unique and grandiose buildings full of history, each of them fuses ancient styles of different cultures (Roman, Muslim, Christian culture, etc.), such as: The Cathedral, the Llotja, the Consolat de Mar, the Palace of the Almudaina, the old walls, the Town Hall and many more.

The tour in Palma is full of Urban & Artistic Evolution

Besides being able to know the history of Palma and learn from its cultural aspects, you can also appreciate the urban and artistic evolution of the city.

Best shops

Visit the best shops to buy not only designer clothes but also handmade items while you enjoy the architectural and aesthetic style of the buildings and neighborhoods along the way.

You can also stop to eat at the fabulous restaurants that you can find in Palma, which offer quality Mediterranean food and from all cultures too; There is variety for all tastes and pockets.

Visit Mallorca and know Palma in a completely different way.

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