Places to have the best parties in Mallorca


Do you want to celebrate your party in Mallorca? You have many options to choose from,  discover some places to have the best parties in Mallorca.

Places for parties in Mallorca


There are many restaurants with private spaces available for holding any event while you enjoy a delicious meal. For example, in Palma, restaurants like Marc Fosh (Restaurant with Michelin star), Can Cera Hotel, Forn de Sant Joan, and Tast Club stand out. In them you will eat and celebrate in the best Mallorcan style.

If you want something more formal, you can go to Mood Beach, located in Costa d’en Blanes. There you will enjoy formal dinners with great service and buffet menus for not so numerous groups of people while you enjoy a fun and different atmosphere.

Private villas

If you want something ample with larger groups of people you have options for larger dinners like banquets or parties without time restrictions. For this you can rent a private villa.

You can impress all your guests if you hire a professional event organizer who decorates the villa and takes care of catering and more, adapting everything to your personal taste to be perfect.

And the best thing is that private villas for rent can be found throughout the island, with a lot of variety in designs and sizes. In Alaró, Calvià and Palma you can find the best villas to make your party as you like.


There are many hotels in Mallorca with rooms for private parties, there is no doubt of that. But one of the most recommended is the Purohotel in Palma.

This hotel now has a fantastic private area to host the event of your choice. With food, music and exceptional service. No doubt you should try it.

Don’t forget to celebrate big in Mallorca, you have many options to choose from.

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