Port Adriano, Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Today we bring you interesting information about Port Adriano and all it has to offer you. Don’t miss it!

Port Adriano: Where is it located?

This port is located in the municipality of El Toro (at the southwest of Mallorca). It’s the most luxurious and modern port of Mallorca, which thanks to its small details give to the place an amazing touch of sophistication and grace.

This place is more related to the perfect vacations, with an unforgettable nautical experience. It’s a place full of life, colorful and unique character that offers you much to see and enjoy every day.

Easy access 

It’s a place with easy access and you can get to other places nearby like Palma or Andratx in order to enjoy other atmospheres.

Nautical Experience

Port Adriano has everything you need to have the best nautical experience you can imagine; from nautical schools and nautical clubs, to its impressive facilities for boats and yachts.

The port has more than 490 moorings, more than 50 shops of all types, international restaurants, luxury hotels, beaches, and yacht and boat services.

Water sports

In addition to that, a variety of water sports are practiced in the waters of the place, it’s perfect for windsurfing, jet skis, paddle-surfing, surfing, and much more.

Golf Course, Restaurants & More

If you get tired of the beach, there is a golf course very close to Port Adriano, national and international restaurants with the best food you can ask for, bars with unique styles, clothes shops with articles of latest trend, and a calendar full of events that occur throughout the year.

It’s definitely a great place to visit and to live in it; you won’t get tired of enjoying the magnificent yachts, the excellent gastronomy, the beautiful scenery and the designer shops. It’s impossible to get bored!

Visit Mallorca and enjoy all the wonders that Port Adriano has to offer.

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