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Sóller & Port de Sóller


Do you want to know a bit more about Mallorca? Don’t miss everything you can find in Sóller & its port -Port de Sóller-, it’s an amazing place.


Port de Sóller

Port de Sóller is a fishing and tourist town that is located to the northwest of the island, separated from the rest of the island by the Sierra de Tramuntana.

This division by the mountain gave to the town a unique and extraordinary approach to the nautical world, since in ancient times the merchants had to use the sea route to perform their trade.

Accessible location

Nowadays, the modern reforms that this place has had are impressive, all aimed at making this city more accessible to the rest of the island. This is why new road networks have been created, connecting Sóller with the other localities.

Restaurants & shops for all tastes

Despite being a fishing village, Soller is also a very famous tourist spot in Mallorca, offering all possible facilities for the comfort of its visitors; you can find restaurants with a quality that will leave you amazed, shops for all tastes, bars, and even boat and yacht rentals in the port.

Perfect place to enjoy the coast

Sóller is the perfect place to enjoy the coast, boat trips, diving and water sports. Besides, it has not only coast, but is also so close to the Tramuntana mountain range. Meaning that anyone can go on excursion, a quite common and requested activity of the area

You can easily reach the Sa Calobra ravine through an alternative route not suitable for those who are easily impressed by its closed corners, which offers great landscapes.

Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel & Spa

On the other hand, the port, thanks to its location, houses the jewel of the Mallorcan hotel sector, the “Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel & Spa”, a five stars hotel with its 120 rooms and suites, swimming pools, and probably the best views of the whole island.

Visit Mallorca, and don’t miss the wonders of Sóller and its Port. Check out our page to discover all the hidden gems this island offers! 

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