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Portocolom in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? You cannot miss visiting Portocolom, its charm will make you fall in love with it!


Portocolom is a town located on the east coast of Mallorca, in the district of Felanitx. It’s one of the most attractive coasts of this area of ​​the island for being a charming traditional fishing town. It’s like a movie scene, the lighthouse, the bay, the sheds, the anchored boats and more they all add a special beauty to the place.

Portocolom is named after Christopher Columbus, it’s believed that he was born in this town.


It’s a pretty quiet town during the winter months like most of the tourist centers in the east of Mallorca.

Of course, some shops and restaurants remain open all year round for the residents of the town, but in general it’s an area without much fuss or exaggerated influx of tourists.

The population of Portocolom enjoys Mallorcan and international residents, especially from Germany for its charm and good facilities.

And despite being a little away from Palma, Portocolom has all the advantages offered in Felanitx, just a couple of minutes away from it.


Being a traditional fishing town doesn’t mean there is not much to do in Portocolom. If you are fond of wine, you can enjoy the best wines of Pla y Llevant.

You can also spend the day with the different water activities of the port, not to mention that there is the “Escola Nàutica s’ Algar”, a sailing school equipped with modern equipment and everything necessary to teach in the best style of Mallorca.

Also, if you like golfing you can enjoy the panoramic views of the coast of Portocolom from Vall d’Or Golf. An excellent course for players of any level.


Being a small town, it doesn’t have many shops or so much variety, but without a doubt, there are some interesting shops along the pier where you will surely find things you like at incredible prices.

If you want more variety, you can go to Felanitx or the town of Santanyí, which are no more than 10 min away by car.


There is a great variety of restaurants and cafés along the portocolom pier, as it is the most tourist area of ​​the place. All offer traditional Mallorcan food of the best flavor and with the best quality, there are for all budgets.

Another interesting thing is that, if you walk along the pier, you will see people selling the catch of the day. There’s nothing like a fresh fish to have an amazing meal.

Properties in Portocolom

In spite of being a simple locality, it’s very picturesque and for that reason the properties are not as cheap as one would expect or at least not so much compared to their neighboring localities.

You won’t find properties that cost less than 150,000 euros. But the variety is impressive. You can even find properties that cost around 10 million euros, but without a doubt they are worth the price.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss Portocolom, it’s beautiful!

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