Public transport on majorca

Public Transport on Majorca


Looking information regarding Public transport on Majorca? Don’t hesitate to check out our post. Palma de Mallorca’s Intermodal Station located in Plaza d’España is the hub for train, bus & metro services. It’s situated underground & can be accessed by escalator, stairs or lift.

You can purchase the Intermodal Card & use it on any of those services. It offers significant savings for regular day to day public transport users.

Public Transport on Majorca: Buses, Trains & More

Buses on Majorca

There are two main buses companies operating on the island:

  • EMT (municipal transport company)
  • TIB buses and coaches (with their unique red & yellow livery)

The first one, the EMT, covers the route across Palma de Mallorca & remote areas. The tickets for EMT buses can be bought at Tabacs in the city.

On the other hand, TIB coaches & Buses cover the whole of Majorca &, in Palma, use the Intermodal Station –where tickets can be purchased from the ticket office or machines.

Trains on Majorca

There are two train routes on Majorca operated by Transports de les Illes Balears –also known as TIB- The first route covers Palma – Sa Pobla & the second route Palma – Manacor.  

The trains run hourly between Palma – Sa Pobla, while the train route from Palma & Manacor runs for a journey time of a little over an hour.

Orange Blossom Express

Majorca’s Traditional narrow gauge rail service is served by the private company Ferrocarril de Sóller from its own station located in Plaza d’España. This route covers Palma & the mountain valley town of Sóller. Nowadays, it is now of Majorca’s most popular tourist attractions, as the route features superb scenery.

Five trains run daily from Palma & four from the town of Sóller. A tram service also links the town of Sóller & its port. Be prepared though, during winters the line is usually closed for maintenance.


Majorca’s metro covers one route, between Palma & the university, stopping at seven other stations on the way. The full journey takes about 13 minutes & the frequency varies between 15 minutes – 60 minutes; it depends on time & day. It operates on weekdays only.


Taxis on Majorca are white, metered & must display the taxi license & number; plus the fares on the passenger window. The fares depend on the day, distance, time & luggage. In the capital, there are plenty of taxi ranks & you should know that it’s also possible to hail an available taxi from the pavement.

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