Puig del Teix from Valldemossa

Puig del Teix from Valldemossa


Do you want to know a little more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the beauty you can find in one of the most visited peaks of the island, Puig del Teix from Valldemossa.

Spectacular views in Puig del Teix from Valldemossa

Teix is one of the most visited peaks in Mallorca, maybe it’s not the highest one … but it’s certainly worth knowing. This place not only offers spectacular views of the northern part of Mallorca, but you will also find culture on your way there.

Path of Arxiduc

The main attraction of the route is the path of the Arxiduc, which was built on the crest of the Teix in the late nineteenth century, from there the views are impressive.

Reservation needed to access

First of all, the first thing you should know is that to access this beautiful stretch of Valldemossa and its surroundings, you need to make a prior reservation, they will not let you pass without having received the corresponding confirmation. To do this, you must send an email to valldemossa@procustodia.org.

How to get there

Now, to enjoy this tour you must go to the Valldemossa bus stop, you can get there by bus from Palma, Deià, Port de Sóller and Sóller. The start of the route begins at Joan Mir Street, after which you will enjoy the architecture of the following streets and the ascents of curved roads.

On the way to the top you can see the plain of Pouet, a small well in the area; Then you will come across the pass of Son Gallard and soon after arrive at the Arxiduc road where you will get spectacular views of the north coast of the island.

If we continue climbing we can enjoy the views of the top of Caragolí and the core of Deià, until we reach the top of Teix. Back to the station you will see the refuge of the Cairats, the fountain of Polls, and a characteristic snow house of the place.

Visit Mallorca and get to know the Teix, it’s a worthwhile journey.

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