Rastro de Consell in Mallorca


If you go to Mallorca don’t hesitate to visit the “Rastro de Consell”, it’s a flea market of antiques and second hand items, quite famous in the province of Consell because you can find an endless number of handicrafts, clothes, unusual objects, jewelry and much more.

Before this flea market wasn’t common in Mallorca, until 1994 when an Australian businessman who worked in London decided to leave his executive position and move to the province of Consell in Mallorca.

One day he stopped at the industrial area of the town and settled up a couple of tables with objects that he had collected throughout his whole life, he did it for at least 3 months without anyone bothering him, but due to the low number of customers somedays he didn’t sell a single item.

At the moment it has become a very important tradition of the culture of Mallorca, not only inhabitants of the island but also around 7 thousand tourists come to this market every Sunday to take an look to all the countless curiosities that are in all the market stalls, which now are more than 300! There are also parking lots, and you can get there by train in just 20 minutes.

In these market stalls you can find anything you want, since there is a lot of variety at a good price. There are paintings, clothing, jewelry, books over 100 years old, reel cameras, vinyl records, toys, home decor, furniture and more.

The market stalls open from 7 am every Sunday until night time. Many of the sellers are foreigners who have recently moved to Mallorca, some are elderly people who decide to sell a few things they have preserved throughout their lives, and even young artists who make handicrafts and paintings.

So if you are in search of that special or unusual object at an excellent price to give it to your relatives or friends. Please don’t hesitate to visit the “Rastro de Consell” in Mallorca, it will be an experience you’ll never forget!

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