Reasons to live in Palma

Reasons to live in Palma


Palma is lovely city with good climate, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and gastronomy; if you are planning to move to Majorca, you should check out our reasons to live in Palma, keep on reading!

Good reasons to live in Palma

300 Days of Sun

The good climate in this beautiful island is one of the main reasons to move to Palma. With 300 days of sun a year I bet you would want to move to Majorca too. In Majorca the summers aren´t too hot, while winters are mild.

A lot of activities can be easily enjoyed all year round

If you are into sailing, hiking, cycling or golfing, you will love Palma! All these activities can be enjoyed all year round in Majorca.

The Beach of Palma

The beach of Palma, with its really crystal clear & calm sea, is a perfect place for you to disconnect from the world & enjoy a peaceful day.

Cultural & Artistic Tradition

Palma counts with an important artistic heritage & historical building. You´ll easily find superb religious architecture, art galleries, iconic buildings & museums.

From Palma you can easily travel to most mayor European cities

In Palma you have good connections with most mayor European Cities; In fact, the Airport of Palma is considered one of the most visited airports during peak season.

Palma has a lovely Old Town

One of the many reasons to live in Palma is the beauty of its well cared Old Town. It´s full of superb architecture and history.

Palma is an excellent choice for Shopping

If you are into shopping, you will definitely love the city of Palma; the capital of Majorca offers a wide variety of facilities for you! There are many attractive narrows streets to wonder. You should browse in the local shops of Palma; prepare yourself to discover superb products handcrafted on the island!

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