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Requirements to Rent a House


Do you want to rent a house? Keep on reading! Detailed below we share some of the requirements in case you are thinking of renting your home.

Seek professional advice

First of all, one of the most important things is to be very well advised.

For example, you can seek guidance in a lawyer. The lawyer will tell you and provide everything you need to know and do to be able to put your property for rent.

Documents in hands

Make sure you have all the documents that, possibly, the professional will tell you that you need to have on hand.

Do you have an identity document that has expired? Or perhaps one that can not be accepted? Then, you are recommended to resolve the issues surrounding said material before starting with the legal and real estate procedure of the rental of your property.

Tenants Rules

Have you successfully rented your property? Now, it is up to you to know about the rules of the tenant’s coexistence. Plus the recommendations that the professional will surely make.

The lawyer, among other things, will tell you that you must ensure that the tenants are aware of the basic rules of rental properties, such as:

  • The property must be maintained in good condition
  • Tenants should be up to date and not be delayed with the rent payments under the conditions discussed and agreed
  • If there are neighbors, they should not be disturbed

The lawyer will speak of the legitimate right that you have to start a judicial or criminal process with any person or entity that disrespects or fails to comply with the rules established in this contract, be this tenant or someone outside your property.

Make sure the tenant can pay the rent

And one last thing is to ensure that the person interested in the property has a stable job and salary.

You need to make sure the tenant can support, pay and not get into debt with the rental price of the property.

For this you can request a proof of work; or any official and legitimate document that affirms and demonstrates that such person meets the condition mentioned above.

If you wanted to rent a house, we hope you fould these tips helpful!

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