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Steps to facilitate the sale of your Real Estate property


Do you want to speed up the sale of you real estate property? We are pretty sure that if you follow these steps, you will find one or more clients faster than you imagine:

1-Furnished sells better

Even if you do not want to sell the house with furniture, it is good that potential buyers see it with basic furniture.

Nor should textiles be forgotten: beds should have duvet covers or bedspreads and the curtains should be hung.

All this helps in two very important aspects:

  • To show the potential of each room, this is sometimes difficult to see in an empty house.
  • On the other hand, it helps to make the house look more like a home.

It is much easier to imagine what it would be like to live among those walls than if we found them empty.

2- Highlight your strengths

To sell a house it is very important to highlight its strengths.

If the house has good views, leave the curtains open. So that when entering the rooms potential clients can see them and be pleasantly surprised.

In the same way, we must disguise those points that can be a little weaker.

For example, choose a sunny day time to show a dark house.

3-Look for professionals to help you on the sale of your Real Estate property

Some people are reluctant to use the services of a real estate agency because they want to save the commission they will take on the sale.

However, these services can be very useful because they can give us a much more neutral view of the real value of our home.

Many times, as owners, we often confuse what the house is worth to us. 

& that happens thanks to the emotional bond we have with it. Making us çask for figures too high.

Or maybe, we do the opposite thinking that we will sell it better.

The prospective buyer may back down if, when he decides to buy the house, problems arise that have not been explained to him beforehand. And he may even feel cheated or cause this to create distrust.

It is also good to write down on the paperwork what must be done and who is responsible for paying what things to avoid problems at the last moment that could slow down the sale.

We hope you found these steps to facilitate the sale of your Real Estate property useful! 🙂

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