Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Find out some of the wonders you can find in the beautiful city of Santanyí, don’t miss it.

Santanyí (Mallorca)

It’s a gorgeous city that has a very privileged natural environment; located to the southeast of Mallorca, just 50km away from the coast and the second largest natural park of the Balearic Islands, the “Natural Park of Mondragó”.

History full of pirate attacks

Santanyí has a history full of pirate attacks. Which can be easily appreciated thanks to the city’s fortified wall, which is now a historic monument very characteristic of the city.

Art galleries & street exhibitions

Today, it is a city with a very fresh, natural and full of light environment. This attracts many artists from all over the world. Thanks to this, in this city you can find lots of art galleries or street exhibitions all over the place.

The art galleries are also a great attraction of Santanyí. There are many, in them you can admire and buy art works, modern sculptures, beautiful glass objects and more.

Very attractive town

Santanyí is a very attractive town thanks to its privileged location, the fresh air, the beach and the peace surrounding the place; plus this location has easy access to all amenities.

Santanyí is a town with very friendly people

Locals usually take a walk through the streets and engage in conversations with tourists or their own neighbors, drinking some refreshing juice or wine on the terraces of the local market Plaza.

In the Plaza Mayor you can make much more serious purchases. You can find art shops, fashionable clothing stores, and even the Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc, which sells top quality products, this hand-crafted salt that retains the smell of the sea is well-known on the island.

Top quality food

Also, Santanyí is the paradise per excellence for lovers of the good food; as it has countless restaurants and cafes with the most amazing menus you can imagine and food of the highest quality you can taste.

Visit Mallorca, go to Santanyí, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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