Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Don’t miss what we have to say about S’Arracó.

S’Arracó Mallorca

It’s a place belonging to the municipality of Andrach; a small village located in southwest of the island, in a spectacular valley between forests and mountains.

S’Arracó is full of traditional stone houses, so if you are looking for a place in Mallorca that maintains the rustic charm of the old island, now you know where to go.

Easy access to nearby Towns and Resorts

This location is very popular among international inhabitants who are in search of a quiet place to live; it has a really easy access to nearby towns and resorts.

The town doesn’t offer much to do, but it’s a very good starting point for many places and activities to discover in this side of Mallorca.

S’Arrancó is mainly a residential area but has a small church dated back to 1742. There are many golf and beach complexes within a relatively short distance, including the Andratx Golf Club and Camp de Mar.

 Do you like contemporary art? You can’t miss the art galleries in the town of Andratx, they are amazing.

Sa Dragonera

The main attraction is the island of Sa Dragonera, a marine and natural reserve. There are several regular boat trips from nearby St. Elmo and Port d’Andratx.

On the other hand, in the area you will also find the Monastery of Sa Trapa, known for being a very popular refuge among the hikers of the island.


The village offers restaurants, stores and a bank. It’s good to know that the closest market to the town takes place in Andratx, every Wednesday.

As for the restaurants, despite being only a few, some of them have a very good reputation. Besides that, if you want to access the best gastronomy of the southwestern part of the island, you don’t need to go that far.

Both in the town of S’Arracó and in the nearby towns you can enjoy a great variety of local festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

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