Ses Salines in Mallorca


If what you want is to know a little more about Mallorca, then we recommend you to discover what wonders await you in Ses Salines. Don’t miss it!

Ses Salines

It’s a small municipality in the southeast of Mallorca and one of the most beautiful areas of the region.

As it’s a relatively small place, it can go unnoticed very easily. So when people visit it, they realize all the history, beauty and simplicity that Ses Salines has.


When you have a place like Ses Salines before your eyes, the first thing you think about is the history and the beauty of its architecture.

Ses Salines has a range of historical buildings that give a typical Mallorcan touch to the city.

Most are from the Bronze Age as the Talaia Joana.

And others are from the early twentieth century as the beautiful Church of San Bartolomé; which is a recognized point of reference for sailors because it can be seen from the sea.

In addition, you can’t talk about the architecture of this municipality without mentioning two recognized construction elements:

  • The golden sandstone that is characteristic from most of the buildings of the island
  • & A local gray stone, which is very typical of the area


The name of the town that means “source of salt” derives from the production of salt.

Thanks to this and together with Colonia de Sant Jordi, Ses Salines had great value for the Roman invaders.

Nature and activities in Ses Salines

Currently, the salt pans are a habitat for various types of birds; therefore it’s a spectacle for ornithological enthusiasts.

Nature lovers can enjoy the area to the fullest thanks to its special landscape and rural interest.

In addition, it’s a natural beauty very difficult to match because of the contrast between the forests, the coast and the plains.

Ses Salines

You can also enjoy the Botanicactus (one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe). As well as take advantage of the flat areas for hiking and cycling.

In addition, there is also the rocky coast, perfect for kayaking, sailing or diving.


Being one of the most remote areas of Mallorca, it’s the perfect place to simply get away from it all.

It’s a quiet residential and calm town; you won’t have to worry about crowds or the noise of the city.


If you are looking for a place to live that is beautiful, quiet and with lots of nature, this place is an excellent option.

Besides that, the town itself is an Artwork, especially for architecture enthusiasts, because of its beautiful buildings that contrast perfectly with nature.

The only problem of the place is that there is not too much offer in available properties.

the most common to find are chalets and rural villas, with prices that vary between 300,000 euros and 3 million.

But if you contact a good real estate agency in Mallorca, you will surely find the house of your choice.

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