Sierra de Tramuntana


Are you interested in sightseeing in Mallorca? Then you will love what we have to say about the majestic Sierra de Tramuntana.

The natural park of Sierra de Tramuntana is the largest natural area of Mallorca, is located in the northwestern part of the island of Mallorca, forming a barrier against the north wind called Tramontana that gives its name to the mountains. This park holds a third of the surface of Mallorca.

In addition to the innumerable natural attractions, the Sierra de Tramontana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011 in the category of Cultural Landscape.

What can you do in the Sierra de Tramuntana?

It’s actually suitable for nature sports such as hiking, climbing, cycling routes, cave exploration, rappel, and descents into ravines or horseback riding. Also in the Sierra de Tramontana can be carried out activities such as mushroom picking and agricultural products, fishing from the boat and collecting snails.

In the park you can make very attractive routes, where the walkers who enter in their trails will discover the excellent views of the island.

You can also see several landscapes among which stand out its cliffs, stone villages, forests and harvests; as well as different elements linked to human activity such as snow collecting wells, watchtowers, fortifications and ponds.

Among the places of interest within the Sierra de Tramuntana we must mention: the sanctuary of Lluc, the lighthouse of Formentor, the forestry center and the environmental education center.

Also in the park of Sierra de Tramontana there are beautiful coastal towns such as Deià, Soller or Pollença among others, as well as numerous coves, roads or viewpoints where you can enjoy the magnificent views.

And among the nearby places of Interest you can appreciate: Binissalem wineries, Drach’s caves, the contemporary art museum and the Can Prunera museum.

Visit Mallorca, and do not miss all the wonders that the Sierra de Tramuntana has to offer!

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