Son vida

Son Vida


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the luxuries and wonders that you can find in Son Vida.

Son Vida

This is a residential area that offers numerous well-known hotels, well-tended golf courses, and houses for people with elevated purchasing power like celebrities, sportsmen, governors, or royalty.

One of the most luxurious city of Mallorca

Son Vida is located quite close to Palma de Mallorca and is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and enviable city of Mallorca. It also has a very high position giving it fabulous views of the landscape.

Currently, Son Vida is considered a district within Palma and still is full of an elitist and sophisticated air. In fact, the number of celebrities and rulers who visit this place is endless.

Close access to the airport & road network

Thanks to its prestigious location, it’s an excellent place for anyone who wants to live in a spacious property, with great luxuries, and high quality of life. It’s also hihgly appreciated for its close access to the airport and the road network of the island.

Lots of amenities

Being so close to the city of Palma, Génova, Bendinat, Puerto Portals and the exclusive beach resort Illetes; make Son Vida a place with many advantages and amenities.

Luxurious lifestyle

It’s a place where you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle thanks to their quality hotels and their Spas. And you won’t even have to go that far to experience different attractions on the island; in here you’ll easily find beaches, restaurants, bars, clubs, art galleries, shopping and more.

One of the most sought after activities in the area is to enjoy the practice of golf in its well-tended courses. But to be honest, Son Vida’s main attraction is its wide range of luxurious facilities that can be enjoyed by city residents as well as visitors.

Visit Mallorca, meet Son Vida and enjoy the luxuries this place has to offer.


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