Speedfitness Boutique Studio


Do you want to stay healthy and exercise, but don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Don’t worry, Mallorca has the perfect choice for you. Forget about the old-fashioned gyms. In Calvià, precisely in Portal Nous, you will find Speedfitness Boutique Studio, the solution to your time problems.

It’s the perfect option to stay in shape within just a few minutes. Well, not just a few, 20 minutes to be precise.

If you are a busy person, you surely will know how much 20 minutes of your itinerary can mean and everything you can do in that brief amount of time.

People who always complain that they don’t have time to go to the gym or practice sports and stay in shape will have to think of another excuse because with just 20 minutes you can improve your health and your appearance considerably. And you won’t even have to do it every day!

Speedfitness Boutique Studio

Speedfitness is an innovative gym that specializes in a training method born in Germany, based on the EMS technology of miha bodytec. This method has been used for both professional athletes and people in rehabilitation for many years. And the best thing is that now you can try it too.

It’s a different method

If you were used to take a whole sports equipment in your backpack to go to the gym, you won’t need them anymore, you can even leave your sneakers at home.

Using EMS technology, electrodes will connect to the larger muscles so that repetitive, strong and intense muscle contractions occur, causing the muscle to burn fat and fortify.

Maybe it sounds like a television commercial where they sell you a product that you know won’t work just by looking at it, but this method is backed by a scientific explanation that will leave no room for doubt.

Electric impulses through your muscles

These electrical impulses activate each of your muscles, especially those you don’t use regularly.

If you do a regular training, you will notice the changes in a short time. The major groups of muscles will contract simultaneously about 200 times more than normal. And the fibers of each muscle will burn much more fat in less time.

By contracting the muscles deliberately, you get a higher performance, stronger and more intense, than in a normal training session or when lifting weights, for example.

Speedfitness Boutique Studio


It’s a method that helps with weight loss; reduces cellulite; increases energy; and helps with the rapid recovery of physical injuries. It even helps the mothers after labor to be able to reduce back pain and pain caused by contractions.

Anyone who needs therapy or have severe ailments that don’t allow them to perform a complete exercise routine, can exercise using EMS.

Different programs and sessions

As in Speedfitness know that each body is different and all people have different needs, they offer personalized sessions; either for couples, individuals or a small group of people (like you, your partner and your children, for example).

If you are already an athlete or a person who is in constant training, you can take advantage of EMS in Mallorca to complement your training routine.

In addition, as they are only 20 minutes, you can manage your time as you like and go the day that suits you the most.

EMS in Mallorca

If you find it hard to believe that you can achieve all this in 20 minutes using electrical impulses or EMS, you can do the test yourself any day of the week. It will bring you more benefits than a normal training routine.

Go to Mallorca, visit Speedfitness Boutique Studio and keep yourself healthy and fit 🙂

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