Stewardess Training Academy

Stewardess Training Academy


The world of sailing is quite important in Mallorca, so much so that there is even a yacht crew academy. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about Stewardess Training Academy!

Stewardess Training Academy opened its doors in 2016, thanks to the high demand of specialists in yacht crews, specifically in the city of Palma.

Why Mallorca?

This academy is in one of the best locations for yachts in Europe. Mallorca attracts innumerable visitors throughout the year for its beauty and splendid ports. They are one of the most important tourist attractions in the whole island.

The facilities of the academy are conveniently located in the center of Palma (near restaurants, cafes and everything you need), between Son Armadams and the promenade, just a couple of minutes away from Palma Sports & Tennis Club.


Stewardess Training Academy is committed to directing the crew on the right path to improve their careers in the navigation industry. They train professionals under the highest standards to be experts and professionals in the inner crew.

Professional trainers

They have coaches with many years of experience and highly qualified in the changing yacht industry. They know everything like the back of their hand: how should be handled the personnel; the yacht crew and the dynamics of navigation.

Without forgetting to mention that, although they are coaches, their training is in constantly formation to keep up with the innovations of the industry. In addition, these people are very well placed in their work and this allows them to help their students find jobs in the world of yachts.

Stewardess Training Academy


Once you complete the courses offered at the academy, an STA certificate is given to the students that guarantees the quality of the skills learned, completely valid to work anywhere in the world. Although, as we mentioned before, thanks to the extensive connection network of the coaches, helping you find work in the navigation industry won’t be a problem.

Current courses

  • Barista
  • Food safety level 2
  • Wset level 1 wine
  • Basic silver service course
  • Wset level 2 wine & spirits
  • Bartending & mixology
  • Advanced silver service l1
  • Interior introduction course
  • Floristry and plant care
  • Massage workshop for yacht crew

What can they offer you?

By entering Stewardess Training Academy, you will be able to learn absolutely everything about sailing; while you make your way into the world of yachts by making contacts and improving your skills.

Any of the coaches who work for this academy is fully committed to helping students so that they can train as professionals in the chosen area.

It doesn’t matter if you are new or you already have knowledge; who enrolls in Stewardess Training Academy, does it to advance their careers and acquire new knowledge that will lead them to success.

If you really care about the nautical world and want to learn about it, you cannot miss Stewardess Training Academy. There you will learn everything you need and much more.

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