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The Best tips for Living in Majorca – Moving to Majorca 2017 – Part I


If you have finally made the decision to move to this beautiful island, don´t miss this post. Detailed below you will find the best tips for living in Majorca.

Planning to live in Majorca? Keep on reading!

If you are planning to move to Majorca, there are a few things you should have in mind.

Getting your NIE number in Majorca

You will not be able to purchase, buy anything major, nor arrange for utilities if you don´t have your NIE number. A NIE number is a tax identification assigned to identify yourself as a foreign citizen, meaning that you should consider this task a primary when moving to the island.

Finding your desired home in Majorca

We advise you to list the facilities and services you need to have both in the neighborhood and property. For example: Good access to public transport, hospitals and schools. Buying a home on this beautiful island can be a little different than buying a home in your home country, which is why we recommend you to seek professional help from real estate agencies.

Opening a bank account in Majorca

Once you have received your NIE, you´ll be able to open a bank account. We recommend you to take as many pieces of documentation as you can in order to effectively complete this task. As a foreigner, you are likely to be required the following documentation:

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of address
  3. Employment Status
  4. Empadronamiento certificate

Legal advice in Majorca

When buying a home in Majorca, you´ll need to be represented by a lawyer expert in Spanish Law. You´ll also need the services of a notary, whose job is to approve and witness the deed & ensure that the deal is completed in accordance to the governmental regulations.

Once you have obtained your property, you have to make a Spanish Will; this way you will cover your assets in this country, this according to the Spanish Laws of inheritance.

Insurance in Majorca

Now that you have purchased your desired home in Majorca, you´ll have to insure it. You can talk to an insurance company or an insurance broker; whose job is to find a policy that best suits your requirements.

We hope you found our article titled The Best tips for living in Majorca – Moving to Majorca 2017 – Part I useful!  In our next post you will find other handful tips for those planning to move to Majorca, don´t forget to check them out!

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