Tomeu amb Arrels

Tomeu amb Arrels in Mallorca


If you want to know more about Mallorca and know excellent places to eat, you definitely cannot miss Tomeu amb Arrels. An exceptional restaurant on the island!

Tomeu amb Arrels

It’s the third restaurant of the first Mallorcan chef awarded with a Michelin star, Tomeu Caldentey. The other two are Taronja Negre Mar and Bou.

Tomeu amb Arrels is located in the Hotel Boutique Sant Jaume, in the capital Palma. Within reach of anyone wishing to try an excellent meal in such a beautiful restaurant.


The decoration of this restaurant is quite Mediterranean – contemporary. It is full of ocher, light gray and dark green tones that stand out and are accentuated with luminous metallic textures. And not only that, even the staff and their dark navy blue uniform accompany the excellent decoration of the restaurant. It simply creates a cozy atmosphere, classic and modern at the same time.


It’s a restaurant that seeks to show the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the Balearic Islands. Tomeu amb Arrrels is full of culinary traditions; recipes of many generations; local and seasonal ingredients of Mallorca; everything combined with modern contemporary cuisine to give diners new experiences.

The objective of Tomeu amb Arrels is: “to make the most local become universal”. Making the most of the Mallorcan roots to do it.


Excellent customer service is as important as food at Tomeu. That is why the staff strive to devote the necessary attention to the client so that they enjoy a complete experience.

Without a doubt, they will treat you as if you were royalty, but at the same time with a loving and welcoming treatment that will make you feel in confidence.

Tomeu amb Arrels


The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. It has 2 tasting menus and the option of ordering a la carte a dish of your choice.

In the tasting menus you can find amazing traditional dishes of Mallorcan culture without losing an innovative touch that you will not see often anywhere in the island.

Both the “Santa Magda” menu and the “Sant Jaume” menu, bring as appetizers the well-known “Mallorca en un bocado” (Mallorca in a bite). A trio of artisan bread, a smear of olives, spices, cheese and a plate of sobrasada. Iconic products of Mallorca and without a doubt meant to make your mouth water from the first bite.

In addition, dishes such as “Sorbet de ‘Ginet’ of Menorca”; “cigala flambéed with Mallorcan herbal liqueur”; “Menjar blanc with blue fish and melon”; and without forgetting one of the most outstanding “Huevo Port de Sóller” are flavors that will dazzle your palate without thinking twice.

Wine section

The restaurant’s wine selection has the same mission as the local cuisine; that the client tastes the journey of aromas and spectacular flavors of Mallorcan wine. Let each sip transport you to the wine areas and its beautiful landscape, which, together with the harmony of the dish, will bring you an almost heavenly experience.

Don’t miss out on excellent Mallorcan food at Tomeu amb Arrels in Mallorca

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