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How to tour around Majorca – Part 2 –


Do you want to know a little more about Mallorca? find out how you can travel & tour around Majorca and what means to use to achieve it

If you want to visit Mallorca, which is the largest among the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean archipelago, you have many options to choose from that will allow you to explore and get to know the island entirely; you just have to select the one that best suits your needs.

To know Mallorca in its entirety you have the following options:

Tour around Majorca by Bus

If you want to save money and experience Mallorca like a real villager without a car, you can use the public transportation, that is, buses.

These depart from any city at different times of the day and there are even specialized buses for the tourist areas of every city. You just have to walk a little to the bus stop, get on one of them and reach your destination in just a few minutes.

The only exhausting thing is that going by bus when in high season in Mallorca implies that there will be many tourists and it may be a little uncomfortable to travel on the island as well. So we recommend that you use the bus only to move between cities, it will be cheaper and more comfortable for you.

Travel Mallorca by Train

On the other hand, you can also travel from one municipality to another by train. It’s a very comfortable option to move from one place to another without having to worry about dealing with too many people, besides it’s not so expensive either.

The railway lines of Mallorca start from:

  • From Inca to La Puebla (by Pollensa and Alcudia)
  • From Palma de Mallorca to Felanitx (by Lluchmayor and Porreras)
  • From Felanitx to Porto Colom
  • From Palma de Mallorca to Andrach
  • And from Artá to Porto Cristo

Each of these stations has its charm. In fact, Sòller station is located away from the main station because it’s almost considered a tourist attraction.

Visit Mallorca and don’t worry about how to travel the island, you have many options to choose from.

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