Tour to Llubí

Tour to Llubí


Do you want to know more about Mallorca and its wonders? You can’t miss the tour to Llubí, you will love it!

Enjoy the architectural and cultural wealth of Mallorca in the tour to Llubí

If what you like is the history and culture of the countries you visit, Mallorca has a plenty of it. One of the tours where you can enjoy the architectural and cultural wealth of the island is the excursion through Llubí.

The tour starts from the train station on the outskirts of the municipality. This station used to be a simple wooden hut where the tickets were sold, but then in 1879 a beautiful building that can currently be seen on this tour was built.

Different tourist attractions

Once you start the itinerary through the town of Llubí you can visit different tourist attractions full of Mallorcan history and culture that you will surely love, among them you can find:

  • The hermitage of Sant Crist del Remei, which is quite close to the station. It was built in 1896 and has an architectural neo-Gothic style. It’s simply gorgeous.
  • The parish church of Sant Feliu, which was built between 1570 and 1650, and was remodeled a couple times in later years. Its Baroque and Neo-Gothic style in some parts work together with its architectural design that make it a very interesting church, don’t miss visiting it.
  • You can also visit the Museum of Apiculture, located in the flour mill of Can Suau (which is still used as a house), and is a private collection of the evolution of beekeeping over the years. To go there you need an appointment, but you will surely like it.
  • And, of course, the City Council of Llubí, where you can find all the tourist information of the place and the island while you admire its structure.

It’s a simple tour, it won’t take too many hours and you can go with small children. You will find where to eat and rest easily while you admire the Mallorcan culture.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the Tour to Llubí, it’s great.

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