houses in Mallorca

Types of houses in Mallorca


Spain offers different properties, from small holiday apartments to huge country mansions. Find out here types of houses in Mallorca. 

Houses in Mallorca

Each region has a typical type of property, for example, Many of Mallorca’s villages still retain their historical charm. 


Apartments (piso) abound in Spain and the vast majority of Spaniards live in apartment blocks, particularly in large towns and cities.

Constructions of apartment blocks have continued unabated throughout since the late ’60s, and there’s still a good market for both buyers and sellers.

The quality and size varies from tiny studio apartments crammed into multi-storey blocks with ’70s-style bathroom fittings to spacious marble-floored apartments complete with all mod-cons.

Prices from €80,000 for a small one-bedroom apartment in a less popular area.

Advantages of apartments include low maintenance (once you’ve carried out any necessary work), security, and the use of communal gardens and pool.


Villas built in the ’60s and ’70s tend to be single-storey, make good permanent homes, in terms of practicality,  for families with kids and pets, they may not suit everyone.

Most of prestigious villas are located close to the nightclubs and famous restaurants among the most desirable and exclusive properties to buy.

However often has benefit from being part of a community.

Answering aside questions from a practical point of view, villas on residential developments offer the best solution.

houses in Mallorca

Country Properties

Advantages of country properties include cheaper prices, peace and lots of  quiet.

Country properties are made for you if you can resist with the isolation and the realities of rural living.

You also have to pay special attention to issues such as utilities. Which can also be a problem in some rural areas deal with septic tanks, water rights, hunting rights, rights of way & forest fire risks.

However, foreigners are increasingly looking further inland to the Spanish countryside in their search for property.

Modern semi detached

A modern semi detached property in Spain are often built on 2 floors, with a private garden and perhaps room for a small private pool.

These offer more space than apartments do & also are more manageable than villas.

Given the communal aspect of semi detached properties, they can offer a good mix of space, privacy and outside areas.

Despite growing demand, modern semi detached properties are still the least common type of property.


Some are small with a limited number of properties. While others are purpose-built estates or developments which may include apartments, arrived in Spain in the ’60s.

Advantages include:

  • General tranquility
  • Pleasant surroundings
  • Good security (if the urbanization is private and has a vigilant)
  • & a kind community with a good social scene

So now you know, all of these houses in Mallorca are waiting for you!

In the process of buying an existing property in Spain, the mortgage is going to take the most time, so start work immediately!!

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