Property Maintenance

Types of Property Maintenance


Properties require special attention and care for its conservation. Keep on reading to find out the types of property maintenance┬á­čśë

Of course, these properties will not remain in perfect condition forever, as construction and materials age with the passing of time.

Although at some point these damages may arise, there are ways to prevent rapid deterioration. Which allow owners to enjoy the property for a long time, while avoiding economic losses.

Preventive maintenance

These are the simple repairs and improvements that can be made periodically to avoid deterioration.

In other words, it corresponds to the constant monitoring of the infrastructure and facilities of the property; as well as taking care that all the elements are in the best possible state in the near future.

This is possible by waterproofing, frizzing walls and checking installations every few months.

Precautionary maintenance

These are the repairs that should be carried out when there are areas that begin to deteriorate, but that can be reverted, avoiding drastic and permanent deterioration.

Once some damage has been detected, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding repair, before the same generates a greater damage to the building, and therefore, becomes more expensive.

Some examples include:

  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Electrical short circuits in some connections
  • Water leaks


Reforms are all those repairs that seek to correct and renew permanent defects and faults.

Reforms are warranted when proper real estate maintenance is not performed, resulting in damage to infrastructure or facilities that require the removal and reconstruction of the affected area.

These are costly repairs such as:

  • Reinforcing columns and other infrastructure
  • Replacing electrical wiring and its regulators
  • Repairing underground pipelines altogether

Remember that making small, simple improvements can often seem annoying… ­čÖü but it is a preservation benefit compared to major renovations and reconstructions ­čśë

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