Vehicle dealership in Mallorca

Vehicle dealership in Mallorca


Do you wonder where you can buy or rent the best cars in Mallorca? Are you looking for Vehicle Dealership in Mallorca? We bring you Quality Center, don’t miss what we have to say about this dealership.

Vehicle Dealership in Mallorca – Quality Center

It’s one of the largest dealerships in the whole island. It’s one of those specialized in incredible cars, and the perfect place if you are thinking about getting a Range Rover, a Land Rover or a Jaguar.

At Quality Center you will find an exhibition hall conveniently located near Palma’s ring road, right on the Son Valentí industrial estate. There any visitor will have ample parking and an incredible view of the main cars on display.

And if the price worries you… You should know that Quality Center also offers second-hand cars at extremely affordable prices. The most you can find in this dealership is variety.

In addition, you will also have at your disposal accessories for cars of all models and different brands. So you will customize your car your way.

Available models

At Quality Center you have an unrivaled range of models available, where the most prominent brands are Land Rover, Jaguar, Triumph and Subaru.

Prices vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, but you have the option to try the sales promotions that Quality Center offers for you.

You could get a Range Rover Evoque from €31,400 or even buy a Discovery Sport Pure Tech Edition for € 220 / month*; You have many forms of payment and promotions that allow you to have one of these fabulous vehicles.

Having a Jaguar, for many, is synonymous with luxury and style. So, you can have the model of Jaguar that you like, with a minimum of three years of warranty and periodic maintenance. And the best thing is that many of the models available have favorable conditions of purchase and financing.

Vehicle dealership in Mallorca

Rent a car

What if your car breaks down? Don’t worry, at Quality Center you have the possibility of renting a car while repairing yours so that you don’t have to go everywhere on foot; all you have to do is check the availability of the vehicle you want and schedule a previous appointment.


Quality Center understand that buying a vehicle is not something that is done overnight and for many involves a fairly large investment. That is why, they offer different financing plans so you can buy a vehicle of the brand of your choice, whether completely new or second hand.

Buying a vehicle will never be easier. For example, one of the most requested plans is the Privilege, which allows you to obtain a Land Rover every 2, 3 or 4 years. When the time is up, the client can decide whether to keep his current car, return it and obtain a new one. Of course, everything depending on the necessary requirements and the circumstances of each driver.

Maintenance and repairs service

You also have the possibility to use the Quality Center service workshop, open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with the best of the best for your car.

Are you looking for Vehicle Dealership in Mallorca? Quality Center is your best option!

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