Village of Biniagual

Village of Biniagual


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the village of Biniagual, it’s beautiful.

This village is one of the places that inspire romance and tranquility in Mallorca, but what’s interesting is its history.

The Origin of Village of Biniagual

The village of Biniagual originated in the Muslim era. It was a small farmhouse that was dedicated solely and fundamentally to agriculture.

After the conquest of Jaime I, the village was given to the convent of Jonqueres de Catalunya, thanks to this the cultivation of olive trees, cereals and vines for local production was introduced.

Unfortunately, In the middle of the seventeenth century, due to an epidemic of plague that occured only in the town, that at the moment had only six houses left, got even more depopulated

Wines & Cattle Raising

The inhabitants who returned to the village began to work with the olive trees and vid to make wines; but more specifically to dedicate themselves to cattle raising, with the raising of sheep and pigs.

It’s important to note that, due to an outbreak of phylloxera at the beginning of the 20th century, the vine cultivated in the area was very affected, which caused a change in the exploitation model. Thus, the fig, almond, sheep and pigs were affected too, leaving the activity of the village unprofitable. This produced even more depopulation.

A century later, the village was reactivated; more houses were built; the previous ones were reformed; and the village was bought by a German businessman who implemented a project of revitalization of the agricultural activities of the place.

More than 34 hectares of pure vine crops

Nowadays, anyone can stroll among its well-kept streets full of details that transport you to another era. In addition to seeing the charm of the place you can also enjoy the more than 34 hectares of pure vine crops, it’s a wonderful sight.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the village of Biniagual, its history is inspiring.

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