Wine routes in Mallorca

Wine routes in Mallorca


Do you like wine? Do you like being outdoors? Would you like to know a little more about the things Mallorca has to offer? Then you will love this article about the Wine Routes in Mallorca which you can’t miss because it’s a wonderful experience.

Probably you didn’t know… But, in Mallorca there are around 70 wineries of the best quality. Over the years, many winegrowers opened the doors of their wine cellars so that tourists and even the locals of Mallorca can visit them and make wine tastings and guided tours.

Wine routes in Mallorca

There are many vineyards in Mallorca, but the most famous route is in the province of Binissalem, which sponsors around 14 wine routes of the central town of the island. Among the most outstanding we have to mention:

Vins nadal (1932), José Luis Ferrer (1931), Bodega Biniagual (1999), Tianna Negre (2007), Celler Ca Sa Padrina (1999), Celler Ramanya (2003), Macià Batle (1865) and so much more wineries of the best harvests, each one with characteristics and specialized forms of harvesting different types of high quality wines that not only show an amazing flavor and dedication, but also tell us stories about the families that made their production possible.

Wine routes in Mallorca

In these routes you can make guided tours inside all the wineries and the vineyards; Depending on the time of year, you may witness the arrival and processing of freshly harvested grapes and try with the wine that you’re going to drink astonishment snacks harvested in the same land. Also you can visit the gift shops and some of these routes have their own restaurants inside their facilities.

Most of these routes organize events during the year, where they present their own wines or make exhibitions of art and architecture, and also people can rent the facilities for business meetings and more.

Definitely something that you can’t miss from Mallorca are its amazing Wine Routes, we hope you have enjoyed this article.

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