Winter in Mallorca

Winter in Mallorca (p1)


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Find out all the amazing activities you can do during winter in Mallorca.

Winter in Mallorca: What is it like?

Mallorca is best known for its Mediterranean climate most of the time, but during the last months of the year the winter begins, which is characterized by somewhat cold breezes that can reach up to -6º C and several consecutive days of precipitation.

But not everything is sun, beach and sand in Mallorca, there are many activities you can do during winter months on the island. You will love it!

Visit Sierra de Tramuntana

At this time of year, it’s quite common to find snow in the Sierra de Tramuntana, and you can even see a white blanket covering the entire Pla, the Serra de Llevant or Palma itself from time to time, depending on how low the temperatures are.

If you go to Mallorca in winter, this is one of the most wonderful and beautiful landscapes you can admire on the island during this time. Without a doubt it’s a must stop for everybody.

Go for a walk through Palma at sunset

With the Mediterranean weather that is commonly enjoyed on the island, sometimes, go for a walk or walk around the place becomes a bit exhausting because of the heat. In winter you won’t have to worry about it.

You can go quietly through Palma at sunset and its wonderful shops with the perfect weather; without hurry, without sweating too much and without worrying about the crowds.

Practice water sports

If you are into nautical and water sports, you can certainly enjoy this in Mallorca even during the winter.

There is less demand for this type of activities, but in the same way there are companies that never close their doors; so, you can enjoy your favorite sports with the winter breeze, in a calm sea and less crowded with people.

Visit the island and don’t miss all the activities you can do during the winter in Mallorca.

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