Winter in Mallorca 2018

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Do you want to know more about Mallorca? find out all the amazing activities you can do during winter in Mallorca 2018.

Winter In Mallorca 2018

As we mentioned before, Mallorca is well known for its Mediterranean weather, but during the last months of the year the winter begins, which is characterized by somewhat cold breezes that can reach -6º C and several consecutive days of precipitation.

But not everything is sun, beach and sand in Mallorca, there are many activities you can do during the winter months on the island. we assure you that you’ll love it!

Enjoy the festivities

Perhaps the sunny and intense weather that characterizes the island has disappeared, but the heat of the fireworks of the festivities of Mallorca does remain!

During the winter you can appreciate more the Majorcan culture with its traditions that involve the “foguerons”, the typical barbecues, the “correfocs” and “dimonis”, spectacles that you cannot miss, with disguised people dancing to the rhythm of the music and the lights of the fireworks. it’s very fun to watch!

Take a gastronomic tour

Travel all over the island tasting the delicacies that Mallorcan cuisine offers without worrying about the crowds of people and tourists.

You won’t have to wait for a table in the most coveted restaurants on the island and enjoy a wonderful meal made by experts. Also, the markets will be full with fresh and typical products of Mallorca waiting for you.

Save money and enjoy a peaceful visit

At this time of year, the demand for tourists is not so high, so you can take advantage of the bargains they offer. There are discounts on flights, offers at stores, discounts on tours and amazing hotels.

And best of all, you can do all the activities that you like the most without worrying about crowds bothering you. Visit the beach without worrying about the space, go out and buy souvenirs for your friends without having to wait long to pay, or just go to a Spa and relax without making an appointment.

Visit the island and don’t miss all the activities you can do during the winter in Mallorca 2018.

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